Andrew K.C Wong

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., PhD, IEEE Fellow

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Since 1980, Dr. Wong has raised close to $11 million dollars (Canadian dollars) of research grants and contracts from three major sources: the Federal Government, Provincial Government and industries (Canada, USA and Hong Kong). He also assisted in acquiring $7,500,000 with the National Network of Excellence for three Canadian universities. Below are the over glance and breakdowns of the research funding received. Except specially mentioned, the amount listed below are in Canadian dollars.

Research Funding at a Glance
Grants from Federal Government
NSERC Operating and Discovery Grants $    1,175,700
NSERC Equipment Grants    $       269,475
NSERC Strategic Grants $    1,317,882


$  2,763,057
NSERC Network of Research
($7,500,000 shared by 4 universities. My Part as a PI at Waterloo part is not included in this sum)
Ontario Centers of Excellence

$ 5,478,900

Pattern Analysis and Discovery $       417,360
3D Computer Vision $       746,797
 Intelligent Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing $       557,105
2 D Image Processing and Manufacture Applications $       990,201


$  2,711,463

Grand Total:

$ 10,953,420

Grant at CMU prior to 1976
AIDupont:  Computer Augmented Clinical Diagnosis and Prognosis $  180,000 US
NSF Bioinformatics $    70,000 US
NIH Bioinformatics $    80,000 US
Bureaus of Mine $    30,000 US


$  360,000 US
This sum has been used to train over 46 PhD and 47 Master students, 8 Post Doctoral Fellows and to assist research of 6 faculty members.
Funding Breakdowns in Details
1. Federal Government:
A. NSERC Operating and Discovery Grants
NSERC Discovery Grant: $ 23,800 per year (2006-2011) total: $      119,000
NSERC Operating Grant: $ 57,000 per year (2001-2005) total: $      228,000
NSERC Operating Grant: $ 47,000 per year (1997-2001) total: $      188,000
NSERC Operating Grant: "Machine Intelligence and Pattern Analysis Systems", (1992-1996) total: $      160,000
NSERC Operating Grant: "Machine Intelligence and Pattern Analysis Systems," 1989-1992 total: $      120,000
NSERC Operating Grant:  "Information Analysis and Synthesis Systems", 1986-1989 total: $      120,000
NSERC Operation Grant: "Pattern Analysis and Synthesis" 1983-1986 total: $      116,700
NSERC Operating Grant:  "Information Analysis and Synthesis Systems", 1980-1982 total:  $        67,000
NSERC Operating Grant:  "Information Analysis and Synthesis Systems", 1977-1980 total: $        57,000
Subtotal: $1,175,700
B. NSERC Equipment Grant
NSERC Equipment Grant: "Pattern and Image Analysis and Display Subsystems", 1982 - $        71,357
NSERC Major Equipment Grant: "Pattern and Image Analysis and Display System", 1982, $      198,118
Subtotal: $    269,475
NSERC Operating/Discovery Grants and Equipment Grants total: $   1,445,175
C. Canadian Space Agency
"Image Processing & Manipulator Path Planning with Object Avoidance for Phase 3B", of the STEAR No5 Project, Thomson-CSF, 1995-1996 $      201,378
"Worlding Modeling, Task and Trajectory Planning in Phase II Autonomous Robotics" funded by STEAR via Thomson-CSF, 1991-1992 (AKC Wong and MS Kamel) $        85,000
Robot Vision Technology (Space Station, Strategic Technologies in Automation and Robotic Program), Phase I, via Virtek 1990 (H Shen)  $        10,000
Subtotal: $     296,378
Total Grants from Feral Government: $  1,741,553
D. Federal and Provincial Network and Centres of Excellence
NSERC Strategic Grant
"Robotic Vision and Control: A Knowledge Based System Approach" NSERC Strategic and Equipment Grant, 1984-1987 $      846,246
E. Cooperative Knowledge Discovery, Organization and Exchange for Internet Applications
Kamel,M. (PI): Basir, O.; Karray, F.,
Wong, A.K. (Industrial Partner IP)
2001 $      116,245
2002 $      116,245
2003 $      119,573
2004 $      119,573
Total $      471,636

NSERC Strategic Grant Total:

$ 1,317,882

I represent the Industrial Partner (IP) of Pattern Discovery Software Systems Ltd. in preparing and transferring the software package discover*e,  providing direction and training in seminars, and having constant interactions with other investigators and students.  I did not directly supervise graduate students nor took any financial support from the grant in compliance to NSERC regulation.

F. NSERC Research Network
Title: Learning Object Repositories Network
Paquette, (Network Leader), University of Montreal
Waterloo Team:  Kamel, (theme leader), Wong (PI)
2003 $    1,500,000
2004 $    1,500,000
2005 $    1,500,000
2006 $    1,500,000
2007 $    1,500,000
Total: $ 7,500,000 shared by several universities

Involvement:  I am the Principal Investigator of the project and supervising one Ph.D. student.  Pattern Discovery Software Systems (a spin-off from the PAMI Lab. of which I was a cofounder and the Chairman of the Board) provides its proprietary software package discove*e  and $10,000 per year in kind support to the project. I constantly provide direction to the UW researchers of the project.

G. Ontario Centres of Excellence Funding (as PI)
"Intelligent Sensing, 3D Modeling and Control for Automation and Human-Machine Interaction", Materials and Manufacturing Ontario, 1998-2000 $       440,000
"Vision Knowledge Based Robotics and Integrated and Integrated Manufacturing", Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario, 1995-1998  $    1,294,900
"Sensor Knowledge Based Robotics," Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario, 1992-1995 $    1,194,000
"Multi-manipulator computing system for 2 Puma 560" equipment funding, Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario $        25,000
"Intelligent Modeling of Large Scale Objects via Passive Vision and Active Laser Sensing",  MRCO Collaborative Research Grant with VIRTEK, project funded with $400,000 total, $230,000 matched by Virtek, funding period: 1996 to 1997
"Knowledge Acquisition, Synthesis and Organization Project, Information  Technology Research Center," 1987-1990 $       120,000
"Sensor Knowledge Based Robotics," Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario, 1987-1992 $    1,750,000
Infrastructure Grant," Institute for Computer Research, 1989-1992,   $400,000 per year, PAMI's Part   $50,000 per year                        ~$       150,000
"Infrastructure Grant" Institute for Computer Research, 1986-1989, (Approx $424,000 per year, PAMI's portion, about $50,000 per year    ~ $       150,000


 $    5,478,900

H. NSERC Network
$ 75,000,000 (Not included into this total sum)
1. Industry
A. Pattern Analysis, Synthesis and Discover
"Pattern Synthesis Algorithm Development", PDS, 1999 $        16,800
"Feasibility Study on Analysis of Ontario AIRS Database Using Pattern Recognition Software", September 1995 to March 1996, $        30,000
"Feature Extraction and Recognition Techniques for Content Based Retrieval in Image Database, Phase II A Semi-Automated System", IBM, 1990-1991, 12 months $        83,000
"Feature Extraction and Recognition Techniques for Content Based Retrieval in Image Databases", A Feasibility Study for IBM Canada Ltd, 1987 $        49,200
"A Single-Pass Data-Directed Hybrid Algorithm for Recognizing Sequences of Unconstrained Hand-Written Numerals", BILD Matching Grant, 1982 $        50,000
"A Single-Pass Data-Directed Hybrid Algorithm for Recognizing Sequences of Unconstrained Hand-Written Numerals", NCR Research Contract, September 1981-August 1984 $      164,360
"Pattern Analysis of Uroflow Data", Research Grant, Hospital for Sick Children's Foundation, 1982-1983 $          2,000
"Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Prognosis of Urinary Failure of Spina Bifida Patients", Research Grant, Sick Children's Hospital, Toronto, June 1980-December 1980 $        12,000


 $     417,360
B. Computer Vision
Part Inspection
"Machine Vision for Semiconductor Manufacture-Width Measurement and Object Alignment with Subpixel Accuracy", ASM Assembly Automation - Hong Kong, 1997-1999 $     295,200
"Development of Software Modules Required for High-Level Label Inspection" vrp Web Technology Inc, 1997-2000 - ($70,694/yr) (Co-Principal Investigator) total: $    211,947
"Fast Database Search Algorithm for Gemprint Images", Gemprint Corporation, 1998-1999 $      77,792
"A Research and Development Proposal on Automated inspection of Printed Circuit Boards", Northern Telecom, Phase II, 1990 $      55,000
"A Research and Development Proposal on Automated Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards", Northern Telecom, Phase I - 1989-1990, 9 months  $        5,858
"General Motors Contract Problem Definition and Formulation for an Electro/Optical Inspection Project", 1986-1987 $     101,000


$   746,797
C. 3D Vision and Visual Based Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing
"Tri-nocular Information-Directed Structural Lighting System for Rapid 3-D Modeling", Pattern Discovery Software Systems Ltd 1998  $       33,268
"3D Vision and Modeling, A Feasibility Study", funded by IRAP and Virtek, September 1995 to December 1995 $       32,000
"Camera Path Extraction and Object Silhouette Tracking from Image Sequences", MRCO/Alias, 1994 - $50,000  + licensing  $200,000  $     250,000
"Analysis of the Camera Pose Extraction Problem for Computer Graphics  Applications", Alias Research Inc $9,417 1994 + 100,000 licensing $     109,417
"A Technical Assessment of VIRTEK/PAMI Vision System for General Object Recognition" Spar Aerospace, 1989-1990 $       22,497
"A Feasibility Study on Automating Cable Forming Process", Northern Telecom,1990 $      59,923
"Robotic Vision Knowledge System: A Feasibility Study", Spar Aerospace, 1988 $      50,000


 $   557,105
D. 2D Image Analysis and Manufacturing Process
"A Feasibility Study Proposal on Pattern Image Analysis Applications", Syncrude Canada Ltd 1989-1990, 7 months $       81,043
"Computer Vision Methodology Exploration for  Optimal Layout of Patterns on Cowhides", Leathercam Inc, 1989-1990, 9 months $       39,807
"A Vision and AI Based Assembly Recovery and Diagnostic System: A Feasibility Study", Northern Telecom, 1987-1988  $       50,000
"Robot Matching and Sorting of Skins for Fur Manufacturing: A Feasibility Study",(with Helen Shen)Taran Furs (Montreal) Ltd, 1985-1989 $     685,429
"Exploration Research on Automated Nesting Colour Matching Flow Detection and Cut Path Planning for Leather", Virtek (IRAP), 1992-1994 $     133,922


$   990,201