Andrew K.C Wong

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., PhD, IEEE Fellow

Academic and Professional Activities
- Research Activities
 - Publications
Technology Transfer
As a Researcher
Dr. Wong is a very original researcher. He has gained international recognition as a researcher in the multi-faceted fields of machine intelligence, knowledge systems, bioinformatics, computer vision and vision-based intelligent robotics. It was based on his remarkable contributions in these fields that he was awarded the IEEE Fellow. His interdisciplinary research, which applies mathematics and computer science to science and engineering problems, is interrelated through a unified representation and analytical framework based on the fundamental notions of "information measures", "association patterns" and "structural pattern representations" he developed. Recently, he succeeds in discovery deep knowledge, both statistical and functional patterns from massive genomic, multiple temporal sequences and mixed mode relational data. Over the years, he has made significant milestones in these fields, gaining international recognition in both the academic and industrial world. Not only that his work is recognized by the engineering-science community but the technologies he developed have won acceptance by industries. To realize what he envisages, he co-founded three high tech companies that further advance his research. He has also been a speaker in the IEEE Distinguished Speaker Program.
As an Educator

Dr. Wong has supervised 47 PhD and 48 M.A.Sc students, as well as 10 Post Docs. Many of them already made significant contributions in the academia and industries around the world. Ever since 1983, Dr. Wong has been the External Examiner, Evaluator and Member of Advisory Committees of academic programs of over 5 universities in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

In 1985, he was named Honorable Professor in the Electronic Engineering, University of Hull. His contribution to Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an Educator and Researcher won him the title and the post of the Visiting Distinguished Chair Professor (2000-2003) in the Department of Computing. After his retirement, he was given one of the highest honors at the University of Waterloo, the Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

As an Administrator

Dr. Wong is the Founding Director of the renowned PAMI Lab (1980-Present).

At the peak of its operation, PAMI supported research for 6 fauclty members and over 50 graduate students. In the area of research administration, he served as the Principal Investigator in several NSERC Strategic Grants and Ontario Centre of Excellence Grants.

In professional activities, he organized and served as a Co-Director of a NATO Advanced Workshop on Intelligent and Knowledge Based Robotics in 1987 and as the General Chair of IASTED Conference of Robotics and Control in 1996 and Intelligent Robotic Systems Conference (IROS) in 1998.

In high-tech business operations, he served as the president (86-93), the Chairman (93-97) of Virtek, a public company trading on TSE and the Chairman of PDT since 1997. He also served on the Board of Director of Envisage Health Solution at Waterloo.

As Consultant and Technology Transfer
Dr. Wong has provided considerable consultancy to industries and government agencies in the US and Canada, among them: AI duPont Institute of Nemour Foundation (73-76); Sick Children Hospital (80); NCR (80-82); Hughes Aircraft (82-89), Taran Furs (85-89), GM Tech Centre (88-91), Northern Telecom (87-90), SPAR Aerospace (87-89), IBM(88-90), Canadian Space Agency (89-96), LeatherCam (89-90); Syncrude (Alberta) (89-90); Alias/Wavefront (94); ASM (Hong Kong and Singapore) (97-99); Virtek (89-90, 92-95); GemPrint (98-99), Envisage Healthcare Solutions (04-) and DossierView (06-).  He founded Virtek in 1986 and PDT in 1997.