Andrew K.C Wong

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., PhD, IEEE Fellow

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Technology Transfer

Dr. Wong's outstanding record in technology transfer (the industrial adoption of his research) proves that his work bears significant industrial impact. His approaches provide a more direct, autonomous and practical alternative to many other methods. He has provided valuable consulting services to government agencies and industry. Based on his patents and the core technologies he developed, two high-tech companies were founded

1. Patents
2. Consulting
3. High Tech Company
    -Virtek Vision International Inc.
    -Pattern Discovery Technologies Inc.
    -Knowledge Funds Ltd.
1  Pattern Discovery
  1. Wong, AKC and Lee, ESA, "Pattern Alignment Clustering to Reveal Functionality in Biosequences", PCT application filed, 2012
  2. Wong, AKC and Li, G, "System and Method for Detecting and Analyzing Pattern Relationship", US Patent Granted, 2011
  3. Wong, AKC, Wang, Y And T Chau, "Computational Method for Discovering Patterns in  Data Sets", US Patent No 5809499, Sept 15, 1998
2 3D Vision and Modeling
  1. Wong, AKC and Rong, Li, "Intelligent Modeling, Transformation and Manipulation Systems" US Patent,  Publication no US-2002-0095276-AI, 2005
  2. Wong, AKC and Rueb, K, "Image-Directed Active Range Finding System'' US Patent No 5889582, March, 30, 1999
  3. Rueb, K and Wong, AKC, "Laser Projector for Projecting Image onto Curvilinear Surface", US Patent No 5381258, January 10, 1995
  4. Wong, AKC, Kamel, MS and King, TJ, "Apparatus and Method for Inspection of Surface Quality of Smooth Surfaces", US Patent No 5090804, Can Patent No 129570 7, 1992
Direct technology transfer of Dr Wong to industry through consulting services and research contracts is significant. It includes:
2008            Consulting service to  Waterloo District Catholic Education Board.
2004            Consulting services to Hong Kong Environment Protection Department
1997-2001 Consulting services to PDS, Waterloo
1996-1999 Consulting services to VIRTEK, Waterloo (MRCO Collaborated Research)
1997-2001 Consulting services to ASM Pacific (via a research contract to the University  of Waterloo)
1998-2001 Consulting services to GemPrint
1997-2002    Consulting services to vrp Web Technology (Rotoflex)
1995-1996    Consulting services to Ontario Hydro on a Pattern Discovery  Project
1996-1998   Consulting to MMO and VIRTEK on a 3D Vision Project
1993-1995 Consulting services to VIRTEK, Waterloo (IRAP Project)
1993-1994    Consulting services to Canadian Space Agency on a Moon/Mar Mission Project (Mobile Robot sensing, ranging and navigation)
1993-1995 Consulting services to Defense Research Establishment  of Ontario, Ottawa
1993-1994 Consulting services to Alias/Wavefront, Toronto
1990-1997 Consulting services to Thomson-CFS, Ottawa, ON (STEAR Autonomous Vision Based Space Robot Project)
1992-1996 Consulting services to Ontario Ministry of Economic  Development Science Monitor of ARK Project (Autonomous Mobile Robots)
1991  Consultant to International Submarine Engineering, Port Coquitlum, BC
1991 Consulting services to Virtek, Waterloo, ON (STEAR Space Robot Vision Project)
1989-1990 Consultant to GMR and AES of General Motors, Warren, MI, USA (Sabbatical) (Pattern Discovery and 3D Vision)
1988 Consulting services to Syncrude Canada Ltd,
1988     Consulting services to Dynacon, Toronto, ON (STEAR Autonomous Space Robotics Project)
1989     Consultant to Alberta Research Council
1988-1991  Consulting services to Spar Aerospace (3D Robot Vision)
1987-1989 Consulting services to IBM Canada (Face Recognition)
1987-1990 Consulting services to Northern Telecom (3D Inspection)
1986-1988      Consulting Services to General Motors Warren, MI, USA Panel Inspection Project with my invention)
1986     Consultant to Computer Devices Company Ottawa, ON
1985-1986 Consultant to General Motors at Oshawa, ON (Automotive Inspection)
1985  Consulting Services to Diffracto, Windsor, ON (Automotive Inspection)
1983-1987 Consulting Services to Taran Furs Ltd Montreal, PQ Color sensing and grouping of mink pelts
1982-1987  Consultant to Hughes Aircraft, Los Angeles, CA (Image Processing, Analysis and Understanding)
1981-1982 Consulting Services to NCR (Handwritten character recognition)
1982 Consulting Services to The Analytic Science Corp (TASC), Boston, MA, USA
1981 Consulting Services to Environment Canada (Pattern and Image Analysis of Hydrometric Network)
1980-1982      Consulting Services to Toronto Hospital for Sick Children (Clinical diagnosis) Toronto, ON
1974-1976 Consulting Services to AI duPont Inst of the Nemours   Foundation, Wilmington, DE, USA (Computer Augmented Diagnosis and Prognosis)
1974 Consulting Services to Kaiser Permanent Health Care  Program, San Francisco, CA
High Tech Company
  Virtek Vision International Inc.
Dr. Wong is a co-founder of Virtek Vision International, a Waterloo-based company publicly traded on the TSE. In 1986, due to the industrial successes of the PAMI Group, the University of Waterloo assisted Dr. Wong to spin off Virtek, which later became a world leader in laser vision technology. Dr. Wong served as its President from 1986 to 1993, Chairman from 1993 to 1997, and as several Director positions from 1997 to 2003. Dr. Wong also helped to raise funding from angel investors when Virtek had their initial public offering in 1994. Virtek was rated by The Financial Post as Canada's 6th fastest growing high-tech company in 1998 and by Profit Magazine as 5th in 1995 and 4th in 1999.

Dr. Wong's early contributions to Virtek were significant. Virtek's first product line used his research to computer-optimize the placement of shoe patterns on cow hides. This idea later led to the development of LaserQC technology for measuring the outlines of flat industrial components. By inverting the 3D computer vision process he originally developed for object recognition and pose determination, he co-invented a laser driver capable of producing curvilinear curves and shapes in 3-dimensional space. This technology forms the core of a precision laser templating technology that dominates the global aerospace and prefabricated construction market today. In addition, Dr. Wong played a key role in advancing Virtek's Laser Microarray Reader in late 90's.

For details please visit the Virtek website:
  Pattern Discovery Technology
As the capacity to store and retrieve data skyrocketed in the 1990's, Dr. Wong recognized the urgent need to develop new methodologies, not only for classification and prediction, but for discovering useful knowledge trapped in these massive databases.

He sought an algorithmic method to automatically discover statistically valid patterns directly, and to reveal this hidden knowledge in an explicit format for easy interpretation and decision support. He also realized that algorithms, no matter how effective they are, need to be professionally coded and packaged before they can effectively solve real-world problems.

With this vision, he co-founded Pattern Discovery Technologies (PDT) in 1997 and has served as Chairman till 2012.

Today, the Oil and Gas industry has just begun to feel the profound effects of PDT's unique pattern discovery technology. And PDT is actively expanding their generic analysis framework into new industries, including metal, mineral, power, biofuel and food production.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us at 519.888.1001.

  Knowledge Funds
In 2008, based on his pattern discovery technologies, Dr. Wong co-founded Knowledge Funds Ltd and has served as its Scientific Advisor ever since.

KFL is an alternative-asset manager supported by a ground breaking new technologies of data mining and machine intelligence spinning off from Dr. Wong's research team in pattern discovery and predictive modelling.

Dr. Wong's method is deeply rooted in statistics and relies on highly advanced techniques.

It uses highly complex computer models, efficient algorithms and powerful machines to find patterns where others see chaos. Simply put, it makes predictions on financial data.

KFL Capital Management is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as commodity trading manager, portfolio manager, investment fund manager and exempt market dealer.

For more information, please refer to