Short Bio

Dr. En-Shiun Annie Lee is interested in how patterns appear in nature and in society, especially what those patterns mean within the big data. For her PhD she studied string sequences in a protein family. This research is essential for scientists who are analyzing mutations in protein sequences and how these mutations relate to the protein's function. Dr. Lee has found similar protein patterns with variations that contribute to its functionality. Her dissertation was on synthesizing and analyzing similar patterns in the form of a novel representation and data structure called Aligned Pattern Clusters. Dr. Lee also analyzes social data, including as retrieving behavior information, health data analysis, and computational delivery of advertising.

Dr. Lee completed her PhD in the Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence at University of Waterloo, under the direction of Professor Andrew K. C. Wong. She has software development experience in a wide variety of industries including software, energy, services, as well as marketing and media. During her spare time, Annie enjoys playing team sports, such as hockey and softball, playing board games, such as Settlers and Dominion, and improvising on the piano.

Latest News

  • Dr. Lee and her co-authors have published their Protein-DNA Paper in TCBB
  • Dr. Lee participated in the Big Data Workshops at the Fields Institute, their review paper on the thematic workshops has been submitted
  • Dr. Lee was a visiting research associate at Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Lee and her co-authors have published their Co-Occurrence Paper in BMC Bioinformatics

Contact Information


Doctor of Philosophy
Supervised by Andrew K. C. Wong
A Previous Member of the Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
A Graduate from in the Department of Systems Design Engineering

Previous Mailing Address:

Department of Systems Design Engineering
Engineering 5, 6th Floor
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1