• Co-Organizer for WiML, 2010
  • Graduate Representative on Gender Equality Task Force, 2007


  • Reviewer for CSCBCE2010
  • Reviewer for Springer International Journal of Knowledge and Information Systems
  • Reviewer for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Reviewer for WiML2010
  • Reviewer for Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, March 2007


  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2012
  • High school Science Competition, 1st Prize in Computer Science and Mathematics Category at Westlake High School, March 2012
  • Smart Coat Check Project, One of the Top Teams for Third Year Design Project in the Department of Systems Design Engineering, Winter 2012

Other Activities


  • Mentor of School of Computer Science Graduate Mentorship Program
  • Mentor of One-to-One Program, mCCF
  • Mentee of Mentornet
  • Mentee of Mentoring Match-up, WiML

Curricular Activities

  • Captain of graduate Dodgeball team, 4D Extreme, Fall 2011
  • Chair of mCCF, 2008
  • Volunteer for Imperial Oil Seminar in Computer Science for Young Women, May 2007


  • My significant other is Daniel Chan, Art Director, and his website can be found at Brandsitters
  • For an amusing persepctive about the life in graduate school, visit PhD Comics